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Donna Marie is an international educator who has taught yoga, dance, health and holistic wellness for over 25 years. She has been trained and initiated by tops in their field in multiple energy healing arts such as Reiki, Rising Star, Prema Birthing, Prema Agni, Emotional Cord Cutting & Inter-Dimensional Web-working. As a proud member of SQ Wellness, her commitment to the path of transformation allows her to offer unique profound space for others to know themselves more deeply.
Donna Marie's workshops and private sessions bring light to unwanted experiences of emotions, addictions, drama, trauma, anxiety, etc. to create change ...See All


My Certifications and trainings~ Kids NLP Practitioner, Edu-Care teacher and trainer for The Language of the Heart education philosophy, Reiki Master, Ritual Master, Multi-Dimensional Web Working, Dance Educators of America certified teacher, AFAA certified, as well as having a Bachelor of Science and NJ Teaching Certificate to teach Physical Education, Health, Dance.

I am grateful to have had the guidance and friendship of Derek O'Neill, a Celtic Sage, on my journey who has graciously supported me and directly trained and certified me in the following powerful wellness modalities~
Rising Star Practitioner and Teacher
Prema Birthing ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

My life's journey and experiences has expanded broadened my mind in ways that I can now offer a variety of modalities to help uplift and support anyone seeking comfort , healing and change.
I assist people back to a more harmonious relationship with themselves to to feel more peace.

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40min Creating Wellness thru Stillness   ($80) [+] Show More Info

In this Creating Wellness through Stillness Service you will receive 1 on 1 instruction of techniques that can easily strengthen Spirit, mind and body within minutes. You will learn how to use the~ breath to stimulate the immune system, visualization technique of protection, positive affirmations to assist negative & fearful thoughts, and conscious etheric energy medicine. Choose to be the advocate for your health and well being!

40min Personalized Divine Feminine Empowerment    ($80) [+] Show More Info

In this Personalized Divine Feminine Empowerment Service, you will receive 1 on 1 guidance to strengthen and anchor the Divine Feminine and Goddess nature within you. We will begin with a meditation to anchor into the sacred heart to connect to the stillness and to remember the truth that lies within you. I will then share with you particular teachings of affirmation, mantra, and mudra. These tools can then be incorporated into your life for continual focused intention of expanding the energy of the Divine Feminine.

40min Personalized Intuitive Spiritual Development   ($80) [+] Show More Info

In this Personalized Intuitive Spiritual Development Service you will experience 1 on 1 attention to further deepen your own transformational journey. This will begin with a meditation to anchor into the heart to receive truth and guidance on what practices will be best for you to utilize at this time for your healing toward gain greater peace, autonomy and harmony in your life.

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You are invited to join us for our debut monthly Mother Mary Connection. In this class you will: *Attune to your higher nature *Energetically connect with Mother Mary *Utilize the Immaculate Concept *Be of service to yourself, others and the planet Holding the Immaculate Concept is holding a pure focus on the desired outcome or Divine blueprint of a person, idea, situation, or project so that it can more easily manifest its ideal. Each conception that we hold of beauty, poise, and grace on behalf of others creates an energy field of purity around them so that they can tap into those uplifting thought forms and feelings then express them. First, we must hold the Immaculate Concept for ourselves by attuning to our Higher Self and maintaining a vigil of oneness through presence and awareness of our own Divine nature. One key in mastering this science is to hold ever Being without blemish, pure, whole and holy dependent on the Divine Caregiver. Join us for a love filled experience conveniently from your own sacred space.
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