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Hemalayaa teaches a unique combination of yoga and Indian dance in Los Angeles and travels the globe transforming lives through these practices. As a yogini, dancer and fitness educator, Hemalayaa has a natural gift for bringing out the joy and the dancer in everyone. The daughter of Indian parents, Hema's upbringing taught her that dance was important to health and well-being, and her yoga training began at home at an early age. Her first teacher was her father. She went on to study yoga, philosophy, and meditation. A life devoted to yoga and dance animates Hemalayaa's playful spirit. Laughter, her own and that of her students, is the trademark sound of her classes. Hema loves turning her students on to the vibrant styles of Indian dance, which is revolutionizing conscious movement. She is the creator and author of numerous health and fitness DVDs and has been featured in publications such as Yoga Journal, Body & Soul, Fit Yoga, The New York Times and LA Yoga Magazine among others. When she's not shimmying with Ellen Degeneres on her talk show, strutting her stuff with the ladies of the Today show or leading workshops and retreats around the world, Hemalayaa is most likely to be found in her kitchen whipping up some healthy, organic food, riding her bike around Los Angeles, spending time with friends and just generally enjoying life.
Lisa Torres is a fitness, beauty and wellness expert and has trained celebrities, professional athletes and changed thousands of bodies just like yours! Being disappointed by countless exercise methods and not attaining the strong, long, lean body she desired, Lisa worked with an orthopedic sports surgeon and various physical therapists to develop her Barre Physique Workout Technique. It is a unique workout fusion of various exercise disciplines including: extreme core conditioning, barre, Yoga, Pilates and orthopedic stretching to change and heal the body. All of the muscles of the body are safely worked to fatigue and then immediately stretched to achieve strength, flexibility and balance.
Orya Deisraeli musician, singer . a certified voice teacher, life coach. and laughter workshop guide.
JeannieFit is where dance and fitness collide. We are a source of educational training and workouts for the world of dance fitness. Our focus is Hip Hop fitness training and inspiring all people to choose health as a way of life. We offer three levels of training and workouts inspired by our philosophy which is: Love it, Learn it , Teach it by reaching all people world wide through hip hop fitness!!! JeannieFit is also a Continuing Education Provider for AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and offers Continuing Education Credits for AFAA instructors who attend the JeannieFit Hip Hop U Instructor Training!
Life Transformation through Dance, Conscious Movement & FUN! I'm passionate about holistic fitness and authentic movement as pathways to authentic living, as such, I'm the creator of HoopYogini™ (hula hooping meets yoga!), Bhakti Boogie® and Lovers Rock® ~ Sensuous Partner Yoga & Massage for Couples in Love. I'm living my dream of traveling and teaching internationally (I always thought that life could be a paid vacation!). Move into the life of your dreams through my coaching programs, online classes and international retreats. Join my email list - http://bit.ly/jglist - for my free Awaken Seated Meditation audio and the Awaken Celebrate & Inspire ezine. My HoopYogini™ DVD is available summer 2012. www.jocelyngordon.com
I have been dancing for over seven years and have dedicated the last two years to belly dancing. I am excited to share with you the basics of belly dancing so you too can take your dancing to the next level. You will learn to love your body for what it is and what it can do for you. As an added bonus you will: strengthen your core; increase your metabolism; tone your abdomen, hips, back, legs, and arms; improve circulation and overall well-being; and finally be the Diva you were meant to be! You will be shocked at what your body can do.