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Rachel lives the divinity of personal truth. She was lovingly raised in the Protestant faith and along her path has embraced New Age New Thought spirituality, Soka Gakkai Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga and the path of Yagé.

She has brought together this diverse moral and theological background with her science of the mind/metaphysical training, her leading-edge mediumship work with the angels, and her certification in Advanced Theta Healing, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Psychic Meditation in order to develop and deliver a fuller picture of humanity.

She believes that in order for truth to be universal ...See All

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In this playshop we’ll discover the importance of RELEASING: ♔ perfectionism ♔ unprocessed heartbreak ♔ attachment of pleasure to pain/violation ♔ lack of "permission" to play ♔ self-micromanagement ♔ the comparison game ♔ shame for our masculine parts ♔ that serious face! and of RECLAIMING: ♔ SISTERHOOD ♔ courage in authenticity ♔ willingness to be pleased ♔ flirting and teasing! ♔ sensuality in the every day ♔ LIGHTNESS ♔ silliness ♔ your SOVEREIGNTY ♔ fun! and we'll give the beginning TOOLS to: ♔ know HOW to play ♔ make amends between "sex" & "heart" ♔ be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU ♔ share your playfulness ♔ comfortably EXHIBIT your pleasure ♔ be your GODDESS self in relationship & motherhood
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