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TIPS for Good Management Ltd has been in existence since 1998. Julian Hammond is the principal and founder of the business who has a wide background of industrial and commercial knowledge with over 30 years experience at supervisory, middle and senior management level. Julian also operates at director level. Based in the heart of Norfolk, UK, the Company boasts a number of corporate clients who have gained significant benefits from the courses that TIPS for Good Management offers. We are also approved by the Chartered Management Institute.
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Do you struggle to understand those management terms but were always afraid to ask? It can almost feel like a secret society, but this one hour session will demystify the management speak and make it crystal clear what they mean. You can then attend any business meeting confident in the knowledge that you can hold your own. We will take a really close look at Visions & Mission statements. Company values and cultures come under scrutiny and how they link to behaviour and attitude. We examine the 'Balanced Scorecard' approach to management and finally we will look at "Strategy & Tactics". By the end of this 1 hour session you will be talking like a top executive!
You spend a lifetime learning things, but when was the last time you stopped to think about how you learn? You might be surprised about how much of our natural learning ability is unwittingly damaged or suppressed by the very educational system that was designed to "teach" us. In this fascinating session Julian will reveal how to deliver "brain friendly" training that sticks, including memory techniques and sensory perception. You and your learners will absorb more and retain information far longer when you use these ideas. Julian will show you different ways to engage the human brain to create a more natural way to learn. You will gain new ways to unlock the learning potential of your people, and have fun at the same time!
In this fascinating session you will learn how to delight your customers and consistently fulfil their wants, needs and expectations. We look at the internal customer/supplier chain and the importance of aligning it with the external customer who buys your product or services. We will show you how to analyse customer needs and also what makes a customer experience good or bad. You will also learn what switches your customers on and off and how to build sustainable loyalty so they keep coming back to you. The session also covers how to turn your customers into your best sales people when they tell others how good you are! Finally we look at turning complaints into compliments when things don't go to plan.
By following the examples of some very successful people who adopted a positive mental attitude, we will see how they achieved great things. By using the same techniques you too can achieve whatever you set your mind to and be the person you want to be. This includes performing at the very highest level you can.
When things go wrong in a business, everyone loses out. Employees are frustrated at having to continually fix problems and correct mistakes, the business loses money and often the customer is affected by a reduction in quality or a late delivery. Some major business issues can start from a small error being made early on in the process, going undetected and not being corrected until it is too late. This is where Right First Time is vital if you want to avoid costly mistakes.
Teamwork involves different people across a business to work together to maximise their efficiency and reach a common goal. In this session you will learn about the way high performing teams are organised and developed. In addition we will look at team leadership and team roles that produce increased efficiency and a competitive edge.
As a manager in a business, we need to accept we cannot do everything ourselves. We need others around us to take on work and responsibilities in order to achieve business objectives. This may sound simple enough, however it is probably one of the least understood management skills and one many managers find difficult in practice. In this session we learn techniques to delegate so we can be more effective.
This follow-on session delves into the successful management of change. Knowledge of cause and effect allows us to plan for change in a positive way and keep ahead of the competition. We will look at how to manage people through the difficult times and a process for organisations to follow which provides a blueprint for successful management of change.
This session looks at why change is inevitable and how it is important to embrace it. We will closely examine some of the dynamics that cause change to take place and then at the effects change has on people and organisations. By learning from failures to change we can build a bullet proof plan to implement change in the workplace.
A workshop for Toastmasters who wish to improve their ability to judge speech contests.
Session 1: What causes poor performance? Understanding & Analysing what Affects People's Performance. The session includes: -How engaged employees perform better. -How to spot personal & work indicators of poor performance and their causes. -How to recognise work indicators of poor performance. -How to analyse performance issues. -Begin to formulate the corrective actions required. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session 2: How can you achieve improved performance? Applying a range of tools & techniques to improve the performance of your people. The session includes: -How to give constructive feedback to raise performance issues. -How to conduct an in depth performance analysis. -A process of managing performance issues. -Techniques that will improve performance. -The support people need to succeed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Performance WISE programme provides a framework to identify, analyse and solve performance issues and then shows how to effectively address them. Stop reading them the riot act syndrome. The foggy syndrome. The fix them for me syndrome and the Just get on with it syndrome. Learn how to be Performance WISE!
Any Toastmaster will know that standing up and speaking to an audience is one of the most nerve-racking things you can do! But what actually causes these feelings and more importantly, what can you do to control them? Exclusively for members of ToastMasters International comes a highly interactive online training session, which explores the reasons why we get nervous and provides you with some top techniques on how to control them. Join Toastmasters, Carl Hammond ACS, CL and Julian Hammond DTM on Saturday 29th November and find out how you can keep those butterflies at bay!
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