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I am on a spiritual path and interested in all things spiritual.
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Kimberly Palm
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Mar 27, 2021 at 02:30 pm EST
This class is for anyone who is interested in healing themselves or people interested in becoming an energy healer to heal others. If you are considering becoming an energy healer this workshop is a good introduction for you. Energy healing will become one of the predominant ways to heal the body/mind/spirit in coming years. This class is an overview of all types of energy medicine and healing and also includes basic energy instruction. In this workshop you will learn: • Overview of all of the different energy healing modalities available, their history and their pros and cons. • The 8 Main types of Energy Healing: 1. Healing techniques utilizing your hands, personal energy, intention and Universal energy or God energy. 2. Crystal healing methods 3. Sound healing methods 4. Energy Devices/equipment for Healing 5. Plant medicines 6. Botanicals 7. Essential Oils 8. Healing with Pets • How to determine which energy technique is best for you. • How to start feeling, seeing and using energy • Basic Qi Gong energy technique – you will learn this and practice • Basic pendulum training • How to protect your energy while doing healing on others • Learn Why energy healing doesn't work on some people and what to do about that. This workshop consists of 3 parts (3 separate classes) that are each 90 minutes long. Each class will cover different topics on Energy medicine. The 2nd and 3rd classes will include hands on work that you will learn how to do. The classes will all be offered as live interactive videos and if you are unable to make it to the class online, there will be recordings to watch later. The live class allows the students to interact with Kimberly and ask questions and have them answered live. If you miss the live class and watch a recording you can send questions to Kimberly via email after each of the 3 classes. This class is a $1800 value for only $333.
Gratitude is the consciousness empowering us to gain momentum and transcend every variety of limitation in our way! This Thanksgiving Season, gather your rightful energy and accelerate your journey! Together we will: - Identify the energetic pattern and potentials of gratitude - Recognize the positive difference gratitude brings to our lives - Learn to ignite this power within ourselves We'll use the Akashic Records - the archive of our souls' journeys across lifetimes, aka The Book of Life - as our spiritual resource, propelling us to our destiny!