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Donna Burgher is the Founder & CEO of CHOOSE TRUE HAPPINESS LLC, Host of Choose True Happiness Podcastâ„¢, and Senior Partner of The Wellness Universe.

Donna is a Faith-Based Certified Coach & Mentor.

Donna uplifts others with her positive energy, humor, and love as she guides her clients on a fun, amazing, and life-changing journey.


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Hi, I am Lisa Meisels and my business partner is Donna Burgher. We are Frequency Activators, helping conscious business owners and entrepreneurs, quickly shift into their next-level of consciousness, activating their highest frequencies so they can easily manifest success and create their best reality through their Divine energy. We are international leaders in manifesting, spirituality and doing business The New Way using Invisible Tools™ as well as Business Partners and Founders of Manifest Magic & Miracles, Creators of the Manifesting Frequency Assessment, and our Quantum Manifesting Circle™.
Raymond, USA