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So many think that they could live a healthy lifestyle only if they had "more willpower." In this 30-minute talk, we'll get to the root of what willpower is and how it does - and doesn't work. Then I'll share the secret of what does work when it comes to changing for the healthier!
Feeling stressed out from Tax season? Gift yourself this FREE gift of experience how the ancient trance, of rhythm, can help heal you. Drumming balances both hemispheres of our brains, and has been used as a healing therapy for thousands of years. Join internationally acclaimed percussionist and educator, Marla Leigh Goldstein, in this special online series, where we will explore how to use drumming as a therapy for personal healing. The class will be structured in three sections, after first preparing our body for drumming with some simple yoga exercises, we will cover the basic playing strokes for the Middle Eastern Frame Drum. We will then learn some traditional rhythms from around the world, as well as how to improvise. Following this, we will tune inside, and explore how to use drumming as a therapy for personal healing. We will experience such things as Sufi-inspired trance drumming meditations and practices that ground us, and strengthen our immune system. You will leave this drumming immersion with all the tools to feel rhythmically ALIVE. There is one FREE Introductory class being offered on April 8 that will explain what we will cover during this special series.The three class series will start in May (May 6, May 20, 27) @ 5pm PST. Class price will be only $65
Life is only as good as it feels ...but the emotional quality of our lives seems to be steadily deteriorating because of too much hurrying and worrying. Stress is killing us - and even though we train our intellectual minds, most of us grow up with almost zero emotional guidance, We simply don't know how to manage our minds so as to optimize our emotional experience. What can you do to take charge of your mood swings, actively break free from impatience, anxiety, depression and fatigue, and truly enjoy each new moment? After reviewing the 'quiet your mind' process learned in the first class, this second WizeWell class will teach you 4 new Focus Phrases that aim your attention inward and stimulate deep healing and integration. John will talk about each of the four areas of attitudinal and emotional growth represented by the Emotional Wellbeing Focus Phrases, and help you to use your own power of attention to stimulate inner healing and awakening. And of course there will be group discussion so that everyone who wants to, can express their thoughts and experiences related to this process. For more info, visit: www.breatherbreak.com
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Lauri is a registered dietitian, speaker, writer, and author of Powerful Plant-Based Superfoods (Fair Winds Press, 2013) and Superfoods for Life, Chia (Fair Winds Press, January 2014). A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Lauri has a passion for good food and clean eating, and emphasizes a whole foods, holistic approach to health and wellness. She has contributed to print and online publications and blogs including One Green Planet, The Pilates Forum, and The Wise Mom. She has also been quoted or featured in media outlets including The Huffington Post, Self magazine, The Daily Messenger ("Dietitian Touts Alternative Nutrition"), CBS Affiliate WROC-8, CNN, NBC 10's Roc City tonight, BBC Radio, and more. A health and wellness expert on ChickRx and Learn it Live, Lauri offers nutrition advice and instructs online food and nutrition classes for students around the world. She resides in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York with her family.
After growing up on a cattle ranch in California, I went to Princeton for a complete change - and became engrossed in my life study of consciousness - what does it mean to be aware, and how can we manage our own minds to our best advantage? At 66, I'm still busy researching and teaching what I've found to be true about the best ways to run our inner focus of attention. Currently my work centers upon the place where people need the most help - at work. Working with Greg Voisen and WizeWell, I'm delivering a new approach to mind management via short guided Breather Breaks that employees are granted 3-4 times a day, in order to quickly shift out of stress mode into a more relaxed, ceative, productive and enjoyable quality of consciousness. After many years of traveling around the world to deliver corporate and community seminars in person, I'm very pleased that technology has finally reached the point where we can participate in these live interactive online seminars. This is a remarkable expansion of human communication, and I look forward to meeting you in this non-local community, and sharing our understandings of how to maximize our lives each new moment.
I've been interested in writing and being healthy for a long time. I've written, ghost written and edited a boatload of mass market non-fiction books. After I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, my world turned upside down; but after my 3rd diagnosis, I decided to go on a journey of healing from the inside out. As part of that quest, I wrote a book, Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About and Treating Cancer. It's full of hopeful interviews from people with little hope who turned their lives around after conventional treatment failed them. It also features doctors and authors who are looking for new ways to treat cancer, as well as how the mind and body work in unison. I get emails from people everyday who have found new hope and power through the book. It's my intention that everyone who reads it will find new, more joyful and compassionate ways to live.
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