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Training and development. Words that most leaders fear because it means putting time into an employee and away from the daily workload. Many leaders shy away from developing employees due to lack of time, but studies show it's the number one reason why people leave their jobs. An employee asking for development is an employee that is asking to be retained. In fact, Glassdoor's 2014 employment confidence survey of nearly 1,000 U.S. employees found that 63% of employees believe that learning new skills or receiving special training is the most important towards career advancement.I In this class, Elizabeth will show leaders how to develop their employees and why it's critical. Development isn't a task that should be saddled with Human Resources. Smart leaders develop, empower and grow their teams. Class will cover: Tips of how to develop employees Development is a signal to retain How to create a simple and effective development path When to consider succession planning How to avoid having a top heavy organization while creating career path
Result Driven Business Communication, focusing on engagement, positive language, managing up, communicating through challenges, clarity vs brevity, framing the message, critiquing with class, and much more.
Rob Prinzo
Career Development
Recorded: May 21, 2013 at 10:15 am EDT
Planning is the process by which an organization visualizes its future, builds strategic goals and develops plans to achieve their vision. However, developing a plan does not have to be a major event requiring an off-site retreat, consultants and breakout sessions. The following is a simple process that will help you develop an effective plan and obtain the buy-in necessary to move your initiative forward. In this session, participants will learn: The importance of the planning process Assessing the current state Developing an effective, prioritized plan Building consensus to move your plan forward This course will consist of two 60 minute sessions with 15 minutes for time for Q&A
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Rob Prinzo is the founder and CEO of The Prinzo Group and senior consultant with the firm. Rob works with organizations to develop and implement strategic plans, conducts workshops on the implementation of technology and is an internationally recognized business writer. Prior to starting the Prinzo Group, Rob spent over 15 years working with Fortune 500 Companies, State Governments and Start-ups. He has held various roles including: Managing Partner, Technology Director, Practice Manager, Sales Executive, Consultant and Trainer.
Seth David Chernoff is the award-winning author of the acclaimed Manual For Living book series. He was given the amazing gift of life after surviving cancer on two separate occasions. As an inspiring leader and an in-demand speaker, trainer and coach, he is also a successful businessman and the founder of multiple companies, . Seth has helped thousands of people find through his books, seminars, and lectures. Seth's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Popular Mechanics, Business Week, USA Today, and on hundreds of TV and radio interviews nationally and internationally. Learn more at www.SethChernoff.com and www.StreamlineIC.com.
At the Artistry of Change we activate people in high pressure careers to build the kind of mental and emotional resiliency that makes them indispensable to those they serve helping them move from being contracted and fearful around change to creatively flowing with change. We focus on visionary leaders in such areas as Personal Growth - Human Potential - Health & Wellness – HR, soft skills Professional Development. We show visionary leaders how to train their brains for high performance and how to create presentations that rock people’s worlds, open minds, and inspire people to take action on your message.
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