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In this lecture, you will be introduced to a variety of proper ways to address your clients, partners or prospects. How to communicate with people from different cultures. In addition to a list of different business terms between the U.S and the U.K.
These days, 75-80% of jobs are obtained through networking, in-person and online. By being proactive and carving out time to network, you can reap a multitude of benefits, whether you are looking for a career change or not. This session will help you set networking goals, and also help you step up your use of LinkedIn, the most powerful online professional social networking tool.
Leaders today suffer from a crisis of trust and accountability. Accountability is misinterpreted and misunderstood in many organizations. It is often interpreted as a form of punishment for sins committed. Yet organizations cannot be optimally successful without a high level of accountability and employee engagement. Engagement and accountability move together and we are failing at both. According to Stephen Covey (The Speed of Trust) only 2 in 10 trust their organization and only 13% trust the other departments. Gallup's annual survey on employee engagement continues to show only 29-31% of employees being engaged. Accountability is ability not a punishment. It is an ability to explain or justify actions for which we are responsible. It is a way to demonstrate our integrity. To improve accountability there are more useful realities. Leaders can manage it much better and they must!! To do so requires a shift in thinking and a change in techniques. That is what this webinar is all about. Participants can expect to learn: - Why our current accountability model is holding us back - The three myths of accountability which create unintended consequences including damaged employee engagement - A new model and techniques to influence everyone to behave with accountability with every single action
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Dr. Michelle Cleere Dr. Michelle's passion is unlocking the power of the mind so that elite performers can play better and happier. She coaches athletes, musicians, academicians, business leaders and other people who need to perform consistently at a high level. Performance Psychology Ph.D. Dr. Michelle holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a M.A. in Sports Psychology. She serves on the faculty of JFK University. Her research focuses on how the mind can be trained to improve performance and endurance. Her competitive spirit as a college basketball player and amateur triathlete inspired her to explore sports psychology to improve her own performance. Her big a-ha moment came in 1997 when coaching a team of amateur triathletes, most of whom were beginners. Simple mental skill training, perspective shifts and emotional support yielded almost magical results across the team. People who hated running learned to power up hills with mantras. People who were terrified of swimming in open water overcame their fear with visualizations. Everyone completed their race-including the woman who showed up to the first practice with a snorkel mask and fins-and most kept competing. Since then, Dr. Michelle has helped hundreds of athletes who compete in sports that require a high degree of mental endurance and toughness such as tennis, golf, triathlon, marathon, cycling and beach volleyball. She has also worked with concert musicians, academics competing for tenure and business executives. Collaborations and Publications Dr. Michelle collaborates with Dr. Oz, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Sharecare. She writes about elite performance and the mind-body connection for Triathlete Magazine, USA Triathlon, United States Professional Tennis Association, Professional Tennis Registry. She has authored two books: Shifting Gears: How Women Triathletes Balance Life with Sport and The Experience of Participating in a Triathlon.
Shaune B. Arnold, Esq. is a Business Attorney and Business Growth Strategist. With her assistance you will anchor a strong foundation for your business to ensure your long term success. You'll think differently, and will discover hidden assets in your business that will greatly accelerate your growth potential. Together, we'll strategically position you and your company to maximize your wealth opportunities both inside, and outside, of your business.
Elizabeth Lions is an executive coach, speaker and consultant to the most powerful executives that keep Corporate America rolling. She is also a three time author, with her latest book "Hear Us Roar - Unapologetic Women Leading in Corporate America" making a big splash. Her other books are "Recession Proof Yourself and I Quit - Working For You Isn't Working For Me" Her client list includes working with individuals from Worldpay, TSYS, Booz Allen, Microsoft, Northrup Grummond, Samsung, Global Payments, Bank of New York, Mellon and many other Fortune 500 companies. She is considered a thought leader for WNET (Women In Payments), and has written and delivered career content to 3,000 of their members. In 2020, WNET launched her career content webinars as well as a daily mediation class. Over 95% that participate are at the Vice President or Director level and over 100 joined the class within 3 weeks of the launch date. The reason? Elizabeth is just like them. In 2020, Forbes invited Elizabeth to join the Forbes Women Forum during COVID19, so she could weigh in on leadership issues. What makes Elizabeth highly unique is she is just like the executives she works with, coaches, and serves. She, herself, still works in Corporate America, for one of the biggest Fintech companies on the planet. She knows what it is like to try to find that ten minutes to re-focus, re-calibrate and calm down so she can bring that energy back into her work. Elizabeth's vision is to provide a place for the executive to explore mindfulness and meditation - on their own terms in a format and setting they could digest. What makes her the ideal teacher is she is just like them - she works, drinks a lot of Starbucks, shows up for meetings five minutes early and is the top producer in the company and still maintains a daily meditation practice, along with a marriage. Elizabeth's specialty is helping clients land the promotion, find a new job or simply bring their leadership game to the next level. Elizabeth knows why someone is hired, fired of promote before they do. When she isn't coaching the Who's Who to help them up their game in leadership, Elizabeth can be found on the back of her husband's Harley Davidson motorcycle or twisting in the yoga studio for hours on end.
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