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This classroom is a LIVE Information and Q&A Session for Prospects and Students of the Get A Klu Coaches Training which starts the first week of April and continues for 15 consecutive weeks with 90 minute online sessions each week. Enrolled Learners will also receive 12 Private one-on-one Coaching Sessions with a Head Coach in addition to any "accountability partnerships" formed with other learners in the training. Learners may elect a learning path to an Independent Coaching Contract with Get A Klu or may simply take the information to incorporate into their own practice or career. There is no obligation to work with/for Get A Klu upon completion of this training. OBJECTIVES: The primary objectives of this course are to introduce you to a wide variety of coaching outcomes, strategies, techniques, tools, scripts and formats that will empower you as a “change agent” for anyone that gives you permission to be their coach (Manager, Supervisor, Director, Team Leader, etc.)! In very broad brush strokes, upon completion of this coaching and leadership training, learners will be able to: • Deliver “breakthrough” perspectives and unquestionable “value” for anyone in a single coaching session! • Give immediate and viable strategic problem-solving solutions to any client for any key life or small business result area! • Diagnose needs, replace limiting with empowering beliefs, and create lasting transformation for any client! • Simultaneously hold someone powerfully AND gracefully (keeping rapport) accountable to their commitments! • Condition and strengthen a client’s level of integrity (command of self, calendar, and word)! • Assist ANYONE in the process of goal-setting, strategic decision making, effective time management and work-life balance! ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES FOR "HONORS" (GAK Coaching Contract Track) STUDENTS: • Be able to enroll prospects into coaching programs • Be able to perform Behavioral Assessment Debriefs (DISC & Values) • Be able to deliver effective "Motivational and Accountability" Coaching • Be able to generate leads/identify prospects of Coaching • Be able to build a Coaching "practice" (calendar full of paying clients)
Reading nutrition labels can seem daunting, but with the right information and tools, it doesn’t have to be. In this course, you will learn how to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists of packaged products. You will understand what pieces of information are most important, how to make simple calculations to get the information you need and how to make good judgments about the foods you buy. You will also learn how to decipher the ingredient list to know if a product is healthy or not. The course will include exercises to help you put what you learn into action, and to ensure you come away feeling confident about your next trip to the grocery store. Attendees Will Learn: - How to understand ingredient lists - How to read and evaluate nutrition fact labels - How to compare products so you know which is the healthiest option - How to read through marketing label claims to really understand what they are telling you
Is your craving for sweets actually a sugar addiction? What does recent research reveal about sugar and its effects on the human body? Join Diane Randall, Wellness Educator and Holistic Health Coach for an informative, insightful learning experience. She will help you explore a holistic approach to understanding cravings and making lifestyle choices that will take your eating experience to a new level.
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I am a medical doctor who passionately believes and teaches that when we embody our HOLOS, we become healthier, happy and more alive. MINDING THE BODY; EMBODYING THE MIND!
After growing up on a cattle ranch in California, I went to Princeton for a complete change - and became engrossed in my life study of consciousness - what does it mean to be aware, and how can we manage our own minds to our best advantage? At 66, I'm still busy researching and teaching what I've found to be true about the best ways to run our inner focus of attention. Currently my work centers upon the place where people need the most help - at work. Working with Greg Voisen and WizeWell, I'm delivering a new approach to mind management via short guided Breather Breaks that employees are granted 3-4 times a day, in order to quickly shift out of stress mode into a more relaxed, ceative, productive and enjoyable quality of consciousness. After many years of traveling around the world to deliver corporate and community seminars in person, I'm very pleased that technology has finally reached the point where we can participate in these live interactive online seminars. This is a remarkable expansion of human communication, and I look forward to meeting you in this non-local community, and sharing our understandings of how to maximize our lives each new moment.
Valerie Lipstein, is a Results Specialist, Certified Coach and Consultant. As CEO and Founder of, Inspired Living Now, her company specializes in assisting entrepreneurs to get focused and create their vision so they find work/life balance and experience prosperity doing work they are passionate about. She also supports people as they transition from jobs to businesses they love. Valerie has worked with hundreds of clients helping them move forward to get their results. As a motivational speaker she has supported organizations, companies and individuals by helping them take their next steps towards success.
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