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Thu Apr 30 at 08:30 pm EST
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The Attunement to Fundamental Conscious Meditation is one of the primary practices of the Realization Process founded by Judith Blackstone. The Realization Process is a direct path to embodied, non-dual awakening. This type of awakening enables us to both experience ourselves as a connected, unified space (Fundamental Consciousness) and at the same time experience a deep sense of our own individuality. It brings a refinement and depth to our experience of being human and enhances the mind, body, and spirit connection within ourselves, with others, and with our environment.

This live class will include:
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All are welcome. No previous meditation experience is required.
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    Thu Apr 30 at 08:30 pm EST
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Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness Meditation
60 Minute Session
Thu Apr 30 at 07:30 pm EST
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Depth. Authenticity. Connection. These yearnings have been a driving force throughout my life and created a framework for self-awareness. That sense of a deeper connection has been present in my life as long as I can remember, both in times of ease and in times of challenge. I first found flow and connection through sports and an intellectual curiosity, and those avenues of expression have become a part of my work today. Early in my work as a triathlon coach and as a physical therapist I was focused more on the physical and physiological aspects of wellness and performance. In only considering the physical, however, it quickly became apparent that something was missing. Why did one athlete perform well in competition while another who was equally or perhaps even more fit not perform as well? Why did two clients with a very similar injury have different healing times? Why did some clients have ongoing pain? This led me to explore the mind-body-spirit connection, energetic realms, and the power of our thoughts and perceptions in creating our reality. As a practitioner, I combine exercise, meditation, craniosacral therapy, and physical therapy techniques to help illuminate each client�s path to well-being and performance.
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