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Wed Sep 25 at 02:00 pm EST
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Do you sometimes wish there was a "restart" button that could reboot your life the way you can reboot your computer with the touch of a finger?

Well there are a number of "restart" buttons available to you through any one day that can mentally, emotionally, and neurologically reset your physiology and experience.

Deborah Ivanoff, Master level Life-Work Coach would like to share with you three very simple, easy techniques to buy you some de-stress, reconnect your creative and strategic abilities, and get you back into a better flow so you can accomplish more ...See All
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    Wed Sep 25 at 02:00 pm EST
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Life Balance Reboot
60 Minute Session
Wed Sep 25 at 01:00 pm EST
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Deborah Ivanoff, PhD, MSC is a master-level, life-work coach and engaging speaker, who helps people navigate the delicate business of their heart so they can get back to the heart of their business in the world. She is a certified mediator, facilitator, and author of the book "How To Make More Good Stuff Happen". She coaches one-on-one, in groups, and in online class room settings to help people transform what feels stuck and uncomfortable into guidance to evoke constructive solutions. She is renown for her ability to meet people where they are and confidently direct them upon a new path of their own design.
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