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Catherine Rutan-Hart
Start: Jan 24, 2021 at 01:00 pm EST
Ready to take it to the next level? This course is a blend of professional performance practice and holistic health. Grab your hoop, and join! We begin with a Hoop/Yoga warmup, opening the joints, loosening the muscles, and activating the life-force energy flow throughout the whole being. Next we dive into the basics motions necessary for beginners hula-hooping - from on body tricks, to off body tech and flow, like a pro! Regardless of where you'd like to take your flow arts, I will help you get more in touch with yourself through this practice. Not only does hooping bring out your inner child, reconnecting you to blissful freedom, it provides the means necessary to stay physically fit, and non-physically by balancing the hemispheres of the brain and encouraging creative energy flow. After this class, I encourage you to consider where you'd like to go with your flow. Are you doing it just to play, to cultivate more fun in your life? Are you using it as an athletic outlet? An expressive outlet? Want to make performing a career? Perhaps fire dancing? These are all things we can look into together, for I am doing it all and driving around the world sharing it! Either way, I am excited to be involved in your ever expansive growth. Keep growing, Keep flowing, Keep glowing, with effervescent ease, Catherine Rutan-Hart
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Kate Hawkes
Start: Jan 25, 2021 at 11:00 am EST
Following 'a walk in the beach' you will be guided through an Improv. writing process from the heart and from the gut. Meet your wise Wild Child and discover a story! Use this code for One Month Free for the LiL+ Membership: "SymposiumFree" ?ref=katehawkes
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In this class we will work on your vocal technique, so you can sing better, by connecting the "Bridge" / Passagio, which is the braking point in our voice. Also we will explore different ways to: - Over come stage fright - Learn how to express emotions when we sing - How to build your performance with live audience
Meira Malka
Arts > Writing
Recorded: Jul 23, 2017 at 11:00 am EST
Liberating the inner artist: finding your unique, authentic voice. Releasing creative potential through a series of guided shamanic & reflective practices. Empowering yourself to step into your truth and speak/write from the heart.
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In this class we will take a popular song, and explore different ways to make it your own, talking about your own unique things that you wish to add to a song, and taking in consideration vocal limitations as: range of your voice, as well as other aspects that you may bring during the class. The class is open to any song you bring if you attend in real time. And it can be adopted to all singing levels, starting from beginners to advanced to pro's. Hope to see you there. Orya Deisraeli
In this singing class we will work on style of singing\ performing, it is where YOU the participants are asking me what would you like to work on, and to receive from this workshop. I can lead this workshop anywhere you choose, and give you tools and tips to make any song in any style more interesting, fluent, smooth or "Rocky" to make it your own, to add your own flavor and personal color to it, and to polish it to the next level of performance ability. I will do my best to make you all participate, and feel that you can extract some benefit of the material. You are mostly welcome to try every thing I show to the degree that your voice feel comfortable with, with out causing any harm to it. I will explain about this more specifically in the begining of the class. hope to see you there !! Orya Deisraeli
This is prerequisite to Puppet Slam Primer.
In appreciation of your support of Sockly through power2give, please join us for this special behind-the-scenes webinar. During the webinar, you will hear from Jon Ludwig, Artistic Director and co-creator of Sockly as well as Jason von Hinezmeyer, Resident Puppet Builder, co-creator and designer of Sockly! Hear Jon and Jason speak about brainstorming, designing, and building Sockly, and take a peek at how Sockly is built! You'll also be able to watch Sockly in action and see how he is operated. This webinar is recommended for ages 12+ and will last approximately 45 minutes. This is a special event for Sockly donors. This webinar will be recorded.
Join The National Marionette Theatre of Brattleboro, VT for LIVE Q & A. Member(s) of The National MarionetteTheatre will introduce themselves and briefly discuss their work. Next, the floor is open to YOU toa sk any burning questions-- LIVE!
Photo courtesy of Lerner Publishing Group Engage in Q & A and discussion with author of "Ruth & the Green Book," Calvin Ramsey. Adapted and directed by Jon Ludwig, the Center for Puppetry Arts' production runs from February 7-26, 2012. This performance was produced by special arrangement with Lerner Publishing Group. Join author Calvin Ramsey to explore the history behind "Ruth and the Green Book." Learn more about the now-obscure "Negro Motorist Green Book" and the publication's influence on a generation of African American travelers during the Jim Crow era.
Join Rogue Artists Ensemble for a LIVE Q& A. Rogue Artists will introduce themselves and briefly discuss their work. Next, the floor is open to YOU to ask any burning questions LIVE!
Have a burning question you've always wanted to ask a puppeteer? Well- here's your chance! Join the Center for Puppetry Arts at the national Puppeteers of America festival this Thursday, July 14th ! The Center will host live Q & A with professional puppet artists (puppeteers, writers, directors, educators) attending the festival. Each puppeteer will be given a 15-20 minute window to interact with YOU-our LIVE webinar audience. Puppeteers will be given five minutes to introduce themselves. The remaining time is Q &A with YOU. In between the visiting puppeteers, the Center's Distance Learning Program Director will facilitate open Q & A about current Distance Learning program offerings. Also, YOU will have the opportunity to provide feedback on future webinar program development.