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Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor ones own and other people's emotions to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. According to Inc. Magazine, the higher the ranking title (such as CEO) the lower the emotional intelligence. Over time lack of emotional intelligence impacts behavior as well as promotions. If you are serious about climbing the career ladder, emotional intelligence is a must. Join us for this two part series where Elizabeth will explain what emotional intelligence is, why it's important and how to develop the skill. This course is beneficial in work situations or in your personal life.
Employees are leaving companies in record levels in 2015. Rather than lose your top talent to the competition, consider strategic ways of motivating your staff. Not sure how? Join Elizabeth's presentation to understand how employees tick and the three main reasons why employees leave. Elizabeth has worked with leaders all over the United States and Europe, crafting retention plans to motivate their workforce. Retaining talent need not be tricky or expensive. Don't let your best walk away.
We've all been to meetings that bore us to tears. Instead of paying attention, we find our minds drifting off. Join Elizabeth's webinar to learn how to write a presentation that is fluid, concise and interesting. Presentation is perfect for managers, employees or anyone that has a fear of public speaking. From content to design and images, Elizabeth can help make any meeting powerful.
What do you do as a leader if you can't get the team to move in the direction? How can you adjust your leadership style? When is it time to train an employee rather than fire an employee? What is the difference between telling and selling an employee? And which do you do when? This class will help you: identify performance problems - and solve them before they become bigger issues increase trust and influence with your direct reports develop new skills while leading people Situational Leadership is the key to driving teams from being adequate to spectacular. Situations will arise in the office, but as a leader it's your responsibility to get the team headed in the right direction. Prepared yourself and challenge your leadership by attending this webinar.
It's no shock that a large number of organizations make costly mistakes due to poor communication. Effective communication is critical for a leader - whether you are a seasoned leader or a new leader - to ensure the team is headed the right direction. Elizabeth gives the keys to effective communication. For all leaders, effective communication is an essential component of professional success whether it is at the interpersonal, organizational, or external level. Communication can make or break a leader. Join us and you'll learn: Different types of communication - verbal, non-verbal and written When to use each type of communication in your team Why documentation in email is important when giving direction
Do you know the difference between ethics and morals? Many people tend of think ethics is their own judgments or feelings. Being ethical has nothing to do with one's feelings. A person may resist ethics regardless of their feelings around a matter in business. Ethics has nothing to do with religion. Most religions do encourage high ethical standards. However, ethics doesn't apply to just religious people. As a professional, you'll be put into many business situations where ethical discrimination is demanded. Contracts, advertising, supplier, selling a product all require ethical decisions. Elizabeth Lions discusses ethics in daily business as an employee or leader. You'll learn the overview of ethics in business along with situational cases for class discussion.
Did you ever wonder how your boss views you? Did you ever work with a top team member and wonder why they are favored? There are traits of top performers that are common and adopting these traits could take you a long way in your career - and perhaps even to a promotion! Elizabeth explains the nuances of perception and why it's important to manage yours in the office. Elizabeth goes over the main characteristics of top performers in easy to understand language, leaving you to reflect on your perception and your performance. These are not Elizabeth's o ​pin​​i​ons of top performers, rather what executives and data has proven over the years about what works in large corporations when determining team fit, promotions and even hiring decisions. If you want to push your career into overdrive, join us for the presentation and take away tips. Elizabeth is the author of two career management books, " I Quit! Working For You Isn't Working For Me" and " Recession Proof Yourself" She has worked with clients in oil and gas, manufacturing, high tech and professional services, coaching the who's who of Corporate America and Internationally.
This webinar is part two of a two part series. In Elizabeth's previous webinar she discussed moving from individual contributor to leader. Now that you've taken the plunge, what happens next? Elizabeth has developed leadership programs and delivered them to executives within high tech, oil and gas, telecom and manufacturing. This webinar is perfect if you are new to management or simply would like a refresher to keep your leadership skills sharp. This webinar covers the hard core facts of what a leader is measured on: team assessment, training, hiring, firing and building a workflow plan. Elizabeth gives solid advice on the importance of the team, and how to get maxim throughput for productivity.
What you need to know the first 90 days The transition from individual contributor to leader can be the most challenging and rewarding part of an employee's career. However, there are some steps to take in order to ensure success as you grow into your leadership position. There is a vast difference between leading and managing people. Managers are task focused while leaders determine the vision, goals and objectives needed while creating and engaging environment so that the team can grow and thrive. In this webinar, Elizabeth will cover: Defining Leadership vs managing The decision to move from individual contributor to leader Key Elements of Great Leadership Team work - understanding how your performance is measured differently Designing Your Leadership Style Identifying the key factors in moving from contributor to manager Delegation Assessing and building the team and environment
This presentation is developed and designed for professionals who have difficultly networking, but understand that it is crucial to their careers. Presenter Elizabeth Lions believes professionals don't have to pretend they are extroverts or salespeople to network effectively - they just need techniques that support their strengths. Elizabeth will cover the purpose of networking and reframe the topic in a way that makes even the most introverted professional comfortable, as well as give practical tips and tricks that attendees can use immediately. This presentation is perfect for technical audiences or people that just want learn to network without having the jitters. Elizabeth's techniques have helped many connect with others and leave fear behind.
In this class we will learn about: Linkedin Importance Who is on Linkedin? Profiles-- What's Hot? What's Not? How to Be Found on Linkedin Is It Really Worth It? Join Career Coach Elizabeth Lions to learn how to enhance your networking opportunities!
Please join Author Elizabeth Lions for this webinar on Career Management. Elizabeth is the author of "Recession Proof Yourself." This webinar will help you navigate the maze of career decisions that are you likely about to face. Many focus on getting the job, but few think about the life-cycle of their career. Webinar will cover marketing yourself, choosing the right job and negotiating your next salary. If you are looking for solid career advice from an expert with a wholistic approach, listen in. Elizabeth has worked with the who's who of Corporate America on topics such as career management and leadership. Her client list includes Intel, eBay, MicroSoft, Wells Fargo and Fiserv. Bottom line is Elizabeth knows why someone is hired, fired and promoted - before they do. Join us!