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Many people don't set motivating sales goals because maybe it takes too much time or they don't see the benefit of setting goals. You can set goals the right way so you can achieve your sales success. Learn the areas to set goals that will motivate and inspire you so that you can be even more successful.
Have you heard that sales is a numbers game? Sometimes it is. It also can be a game of luck. The luck I'm speaking of is the ability to create your own good fortune. If you want to use luck as a selling tool, here's what you can do.
The objective of a sales presentation is that your customer will make a buying decision for your products or services. In this presentation you will learn what to present and how to present it so your customer sees you as the preferred supplier. You'll understand how to identify customer interest so you can make sure you're on target and modify if needed.
What can business professionals do to make it easier to sell their ideas to others? First you need to understand that you're in sales. It's not what you think. When you follow these strategies, you will help your internal and external customers make the best "buying" decisions and shorten your "sales" cycle ​. In business today, it's not enough to just have a great program or idea.​ ​You must know what actions will engage someone so they understand why they should agree with you. This interactive program will leave you filled with new ideas to get commitments from the people you work with so they "buy" what you are selling.
Selling can be one of the toughest jobs in business. You can make it easier and be more successful. You will increase your sales when you learn and implement these 7 steps. You'll shorten your sales cycle when you approach the right prospects, have a compelling message and can demonstrate the value of your products and services.
Successful salespeople have a clear understanding of who they should sell to. Their prospects are most likely to need and want what they are selling. Yet, too many salespeople lack focus on identifying and approaching these ideal prospects. In this program you will learn to create a successful prospecting strategy which will shorten your sales cycle, make selling less stressful, and increase your sales. You will learn to: · Identify true prospects so you avoid wasting time on low probability customers · Predict when a prospect is ready to buy · Leverage your strengths to find more prospects who are ready to buy · Use your existing resources to find more receptive prospects
Successful business professionals know the right questions to ask their customers. These questions guide their customers to understand there's a need, it's important and they have to buy now. These same questions motivate a customer to buy. The right questions will shorten your sales cycle. This consultative selling process gets you the exact information you need to sell. You will learn to: · Avoid the mistake that creates customer objections · Uncover customer issues that make a customer likely to buy · Ask questions that showcase you as the preferred supplier · Get prospects motivated to buy · Prevent a customer saying, "I need to think about it."
Zach Williams
Career Development > Sales
Recorded: Nov 13, 2013 at 10:00 am EST
This class breaks down the sales process into three parts: The Pre-Presentation Discussion, The Presentation, and The Close. The class will explore what happens during each part and what communication skills the salesperson needs. The class will help participants develop the communications skills they need to be successful at each point in the sales process.