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NAO Wellness will go in depth of how ear seeds, a form of acupressure can aid and support common health aliments such as depression, anxiety, fertility, gut health, hormone balance, fertility, libido, headaches, and much more.
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The pelvic floor might not be something that the mind immediately thinks of when it comes to health and wellness, but that part of your body plays a big role! The importance of the pelvic floor is often overlooked until it is not working correctly. While pelvic muscles are hidden from view, they can be consciously controlled and therefore trained. Here are some reasons why the pelvic floor muscles might loosen: Pregnancy and childbirth Straining while on the toilet Chronic coughing Heavy lifting High impact exercise Age Obesity Whether or not you've experienced the effects of a weakened pelvic floor, we're all aging, so you'll want to start training these muscles no matter what! Strengthening pelvic health is key to the prevention of incontinence later on. In fact, all women over the age of 30 should be protective of their pelvic floor muscles. In this class you will learn about the importance of the pelvic floor, how to locate yours, and exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles.
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Fernanda Durlene
Health & Wellness > Holistic Health
Recorded: Nov 17, 2020 at 11:30 am EST
Confused about the benefits of CBD and how to purchase quality products? In this 1hr class learn what is CBD and its benefits, how to read lab reports and COAs, different types of cannabinoids, different methods of consumption and safety with cananbis.
In this practical and experiential session you will learn multiple techniques to help boost your immune system, create energetic protection, and help shift to create more positive statements for a healthy you! In this class you will learn~ *breathing techniques *visualizations *affirmations and more. Join us in creating wellness through simple techniques that will also help to bring focus to your inner stillness!
Feeling fatigued, brain fog, weight gain, digestive issues, chronic aches and pains, PMS, or migraines? Did you know symptoms like these are not "normal"? What You'll Learn: The body's normal state of homeostasis (balance) is one of WELLNESS. These symptoms are all signs that your body is out of balance. Your diet and lifestyle choices can adversely affect your health. You'll learn how to turn things around to live in a state of wellness! Our bodies haven't evolved to live in the modern-day, high-tech, fast-paced, go-go-go world, bombarded with noise pollution, light pollution, and environmental toxins that we're asking them to thrive in. Something's got to give, and unfortunately for many people, that's been their health. No bueno! Learn how to take a step back, ditch the toxins, and add more balance to your life to thrive in WELLNESS.
Have you been noticing new or worsening health challenges since Covid? Do you have a health challenge that just lingers? Do you have chronic conditions that just never seem to go away fully? Do you feel aches and pains out of the blue and can't ever seem to put your finger on it? Come on this enlightening journey with Dr. Brooke as she walks you through the fascinating ways we unconsciously are preventing ourselves from healing. Discovering your freedom to heal.
basic immune system concepts - the importance of good gut health to maintain a strong immune system - how stress affects the immune system - Benefits of a detox program and the process of autophagy could help your immune system - recommendations on diet, lifestyle, easy recipes, supplement protocols
Do you feel like you are controlled by your gas, bloating, & stomach cramping?...and you haven€™t found relief from your tummy turmoil? Find out how to tame your tummy from digestive distress, end the confusion around food and digestion, and freedom from the turmoil striking back...even if you€™ve been challenged by these digestive issues for years and tried lots of things that haven€™t worked. Are you confused as to why only certain foods hurt your belly only some of the time? Maybe you feel like the only way to find relief is through over-the-counter or Rx medications, surgery, following a restrictive diet? Which leaves you believing that you either have to live with the embarrassing, and often painful, and uncomfortable symptoms or you give up the search for resolution all together€ Luckily, there€™s a simple fix. I€™m hosting a FREE webinar to show you how to turn it all around and free yourself from the #1 saboteur that€™s most likely been preventing you from ending digestive issues - like gas, bloating, & stomach pain. During this powerful FREE webinar you€™ll learn: - The 6 culprits that are preventing you from ending tummy turmoil for good - The #1 cause of your digestive issues - Top 4 food triggers that are likely causing your gas, bloating, and belly pain - How to narrow down which specific foods are triggering your digestive issues, so you can start eating in a way that doesn€™t leave you constantly worried that you€™ll feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or in pain. I€™ll reveal how and why certain foods wreak havoc on the body, and simple steps you can take to eliminate embarrassing, and often painful, and uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Finally, you€™ll be able to end tummy turmoil without feeling like a failure and something you just have to live with. BONUS GIFT! Be sure to show up live and receive my BONUS GUT HEALTH GUIDE €œDiscovering the 3 Best Steps to Better Gut Health and Well-Being Guide.€ Can€™t make the live webinar? No worries. Enter your name and email and I€™ll send you the recording the day after the call.
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3-Part Series Ayurveda, is the traditional system of medicine used for centuries in India. The methodology seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a holistic approach in the foods we eat, activities we practice (such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc), incorporating healthy lifestyle routines and practicing breath techniques. Part I: What are the Doshas and What Dosha Are You? Based on five elements found in nature, the three doshas relate to the five elements. Each person's constitution gravitates towards at least one of the three doshas. In this webinar you will learn about each of the three doshas and take a self evaluation to see what dosha you lean towards. Part II: The Six Stages Of Disease and Your Morning Routine In Ayurveda, disease is recognized very early based on specific symptoms happening in the body. Recognizing these early symptoms will allow you to change specific behaviors in order to reverse the symptoms before the illness takes over and manifests fully in the body. You will also learn a morning routine to follow to support your health based on your dosha. Part III: Food Combinations For A Healthy, Strong Body In the science of Ayurveda specific foods can be eaten together to support your digestion. Digestion is huge with the practice of Ayurveda. There are also foods that work well with your dosha and other foods that may cause your body to become imbalanced. In this webinar you will learn what food combinations are recommended to support your body.
Laura Llacuna
Health & Wellness > Holistic Health
Recorded: Aug 31, 2020 at 10:30 am EST
Como cuidas tu cuerpo? Te has planteado como los toxicos ambientales, lo que comes y lo que te pones en la piel puede afectar a tu salud? Sabes que un simple gel comercial contiene derivados del petroleo y microplasticos que pueden actuar como autenticos disruptores endocrinos y provocar multitud de problemas hormonales? Te mereces algo mejor, y por eso tengo ganas de presentarte de forma algunas de las maravillas de ringana que desde hace unos meses alimentan mi piel y me dan bienestar. Cosmetica y suplementacion fresca, vegana, organica, eficaz y etica.
Join me in this Class as I reveal to the world for the First Time the in depth Analysis of Human Voice and how it can be implemented in your Life as a Self Diagnosis tool.#jvscan #earlydiagnosis #selfdiagnosis #selfhealing Every Human Voice has Frequencies. These Frequencies are the Expression of Each and Every ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ƒ�‚¯ƒ�‚¿ƒ�‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ System in the Body ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ƒ�‚¯ƒ�‚¿ƒ�‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ Organ in the Body ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ƒ�‚¯ƒ�‚¿ƒ�‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ Elements in the Blood ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ƒ�‚¯ƒ�‚¿ƒ�‚½ƒ��ƒ�‚¢ Emotion in the Mind Learn to Tap these Frequencies using Voice Analysis Learn about the Emotions you may be Harboring without even knowing about them.#Trappedemotions Learn about how these Emotions progress from Mind into the Blood and then into the Physical Body with time f we don't remove them.#stagewiseprogression Voice Analysis: The Future of Human Diagnostics. Let your Voice Reveal to you the Secrets you may not be Aware of... Join the Class today.
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Tu sistema digestivo necesita ayuda? Parece que algunos alimentos, o todos te sientan mal? Tienes dolores de estomago? Tomas antiacidos? Aprende como puedes ayudar a tu salud digestiva y intestinal
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