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We will take a look at how to keep your connection alive by staying present and you'll walk away from the session knowing: - The 6 important relationships needs. - How to build a connection- with your partner instead of a case against them. - How to speak- to connect instead of to regret. Join Relationship Coach Dr. Ann West and gain the tools you need to help you stay in your heart when triggered by another's actions. It's only a matter of time until you'll be able to stay aware of your feelings and express them without being demanding to your beloved.
Here's what to expect: -Participants will identify the 3 mistakes from finding lasting love. -Participants will be able to write a forgiveness letter in a group activity. -Participants will be able to use a guided mediation to release subconscious beliefs to finding and keeping lasting love. Any questions let me know, I look forward to meeting you and assisting in your romance reboot!
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Have you been dating with the hopes of meeting your spouse within the year? Have you been spinning your wheels with dating people and not finding quality people to date who is as serious as you are about finding a marriage partner? If so, then come discover the 3 critical shifts you must make when you are dating for the purpose of marriage. Without understanding these easy to make adjustments, you can unknowingly sabotage your chances for finding your true love mate. Join us for this fun and informative webinar.
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To have a successful relationship you have to know what it takes to create one. In this class you will learn 5 keys that you need to experience the amazing relationship you desire. Gain clarity and a better understanding of what you and your partner needs. Relationships take work, but with the right approach they are completely worth it.
If you are not living your most scrumptiously abundant and joyful existence, odds are you not living in your pleasure. Women everywhere are operating predominantly from their masculine energy and it is leaving them exhausted, bored and resentful. Ladies! There is another way!!! The Pillars of Pleasure contains 10 decadent ways to help you get back into your feminine flow where life is wildly fun, magical and effortless. In this 30 minute class, I will introduce you to the first 3 pillars. When applied, they will change your life and the way you show up in your womanhood. Pleasure is the pathway to all of your desires. Allow me to show you.
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3 keys to finding and maintaining true love
In this workshop Kimberly and the guides will discuss why relationships sometimes bring so much pain and how to transform your experience into one of healing and gratitude -- no matter what the circumstance. Kimberly will also do a energy clearing for those present on the call that is specific to healing a painful relationship. There will be time for Q & A after the session. Feel free to email questions in before the event if you won't make it live. We look forward to seeing you there!
Giovanna Couillard
Love and.. > Dating
Recorded: Feb 17, 2016 at 08:30 pm EDT
Do you want to be in a serious committed relationship but you are having trouble even making it to a second date? It's time to get back to the basics and learn what you need to be doing to successfully date. Whether you are just getting back into the dating scene or have been in it for some time and just aren't finding success, Dating 101 in 2016 will help you learn what you should be doing in order to find true love. I will go over basic dating dos and don'ts, where to meet singles, and how to use today's technology to your advantage.
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Seize this special opportunity to get your burning dating and relationship questions answered by a renowned matchmaker, dating coach and online dating strategist who works with commitment-minded men and women in the US, Canada and the UK.
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Dr. Gabi Lovve's class will teach men and women what her latest empirical research studies and thousands of clients have taught her are not working in the areas of love and relationship success. Dr. Lovve will review optimal LovveTactics, Tools, and Strategies for men and women to change and integrate into their LovveGames for ultimate desired results and success rates in their love lives.
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Leslie Ziemba
Love and..
Recorded: Feb 17, 2016 at 06:00 pm EDT
Learning WHY you may not be attracting the right types of people to you. WHAT you can do to change that and HOW to attract the right one to you.
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Kimi Avary
Love and..
Recorded: Feb 16, 2016 at 09:30 pm EDT
You'll Learn: - Why thinking men and women are the same is a set up for misunderstandings in all of your relationships. - How learning to navigate the differences between the masculine and feminine is the key to turning everything around, enhancing your energy, and creating the loving relationship you desire. - Why you must learn how to express what you truly need to your partner so that you can make great deals and create harmony in your lives.
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