Amanda Archibald has combined her unique training as an analyst and a nutritionist (RD) with her culinary expertise to pioneer a new conversation in nutrition.

Amanda's trailblazing work is redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education footprint in ways that are understandable, meaningful and fundamentally achievable for all Americans. Her cutting edge work in Culinary Genomics, unveiled in 2015, has created a new frontier, essentially uniting the fields of Genomic Medicine with the Culinary Arts. Through this work, Amanda is placing food, chefs, and the kitchen at the epicenter of healing and igniting a new nutrition conversation ...See All


Amanda holds degrees in Human Nutrition (Dietetics), University of Delaware, USA and Modern Languages (French/German) from the University of Salford, UK. She has also pursued years of advanced training and mentoring in Functional Nutrition and Food As Medicine, Nutrigenomics. Amanda has the distinction of pioneering the field of Culinary Genomics, mapping nutritional genomic information to the kitchen.

She has conducted culinary-nutrition workshops and training in more than 100 cities nationwide, and 7 countries. Amanda has also pursued advanced studies in nutrigenomics and nutritional biochemistry. Amanda initiated the field of culinary genomics in 2015. She currently creates culinary ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Amanda Archibald is the founder of The Genomic Kitchen, a system of choosing, preparing and understanding food based on culinary genomics, a term she coined to express this revolutionary merging of genomic science (nutrigenomics) and the culinary arts. Widely recognized for her trailblazing work as a culinary nutritionist and dietitian, Amanda has a longstanding commitment to redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education footprint in ways that make them understandable, meaningful and fundamentally achievable for all Americans.

Amanda's visionary approach and unique perspective is derived from more than two decades of experience in nutrition science, culinary translation, ...See All

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Hearing a lot about detox and cleanse? Fad, fiction, dangerous or relevant? This two part series will cut to the chase and provides you with answers and strategies your may be looking for. LEARN Detoxing and cleansing: the difference, the purpose and the benefits How to use food to re-set your metabolism and overall well-being The health benefits of a detox and when/how to detox versus cleanse How to prepare your body for a smooth and easy detox. KITCHEN D.I.Y Which foods naturally support detoxification and cleansing in your body Simple ways to incorporate them into a simple eating framework for cleansing or detox. Deep clean soups, grab-and-go salads, smoothies with a cleansing punch With Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD
Join Functional Medicine Expert, Mary Jo Fishburn, MD and Culinary-Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD and learn how to restore your core energy and vitality. Do you ever feel like you're dragging before you even get out of bed? Finding it hard to power through the day? Sleeping more but loosing the pep in your step? You are not alone.Ultimately our energy and vitality depends on a few things: The food we eat The environment we are exposed to The stress we live with The ability of each of our cells to extract energy to fuel our life In this webinar, learn how your cells extract energy and fuel your body so that you feel vibrant and energetic. Learn which factors impede this intricate process and how you can remove these impediments from your life. Then walk with us right into the kitchen. You'll learn how to use simple ingredients in easy ways to power up your cells and get your body humming. Leave with a toolkit of learning resources, recipes and interpretive roadmaps that allow you to walk new knowledge right into your kitchen