Maria Sowden-Weingarden is the founder and owner of Deliberate Achievers, a company dedicated to improving the health, lifestyle and productivity of individuals and championing the promotion of corporate wellness programs.

She works with harried, frenzied, overwhelmed professionals, executives and business leaders on a variety of health, personal and work-related issues. Drawing on her experience in behaviour change, motivational interviewing and positive psychology, her particular interest is in helping stressed-out individuals make their life more meaningful, satisfying, and productive.

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My professional credentials include:

Graduate, Corporate Coach U,
Certification in Executive Coaching, the Professional School of Psychology,
NLP Practitioner Level,
Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator.
Accredited Human Behaviour Consultant with Personality Insights,
Professional Speaker designation with the
Canadian Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Association.
Reiki Master/ Teacher

Professional Health Coach, Hilton Johnson Productions Inc.

Experience and Distinctions

10 years Coaching experience.
25 + years experience leading seminars, corporate training programs and workshops.

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We all experience stress from time to time in our lives, and we know how stress can have a very negative effect on our short and long-term health, performance, career success, and personal happiness. But believe it or not, stress can be eliminated from our lives. We will certainly always continue to experience the pressures of life, but stress isn't pressure. Instead, stress is how we choose to react to the pressures of life. Fortunately, stress management is a learnable skill. This teleseminar explores the importance of good stress management, and approaches the management of stress through specific actions, attitudes and emotional responses. It helps participants achieve better coping skills, better health, and an overall state of well-being.
Every person responds differently to change. Some thrive on it. Others deplore it and do everything in their power to maintain the status quo. In this teleseminar, you will understand the force behind change, and learn to transition through it with acceptance, ease, and focus on what you can control in an uncertain world.
Our emotions play a significant role in our everyday success. By becoming more aware of our own emotional state at any given moment in time we will see a profound ripple effect on our daily interactions with people. In this teleseminar, you will discover the true essence of emotional intelligence, increase your self-awareness and discover powerful ways to �tune into� yourself, become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions, manage their emotions, and better relate to others.