Hi. I'm Marisa. Business school student and ex-corporate girl who discovered life as an entrepreneur, intuitive healer, clarity coach, and medium. My mission is to help others heal & live a life in alignment so that we can all live more freely and joyfully.


University of Michigan | Ross School of Business

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Certified Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training under teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha

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Marisa Meddin
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Recorded: Nov 18, 2020 at 11:30 am EST
WHERE DO WE GO WHEN WE PASS ON? Have you ever wondered what happens to someone when they pass on? Where do we go when we die? Do we still somehow exist, just without our bodies? Do our personalities and memories live on? Can we communicate with those who are still alive? As a medium, I channel spirit guides & loved ones who have passed on through a process called automatic writing. As a human, I don€™t pretend to know all of the answers to life. But the words and answers that come through with these questions are often enlightening, extremely educational, or or just the thing you need to hear to overcome something you€™ve been wrestling with in your own mind. So how does this session work? STEP 1: Submit your questions 36 hours prior to the class (through Learn it Live) STEP 2: I€™ll select up to 10 questions, and answer them (through my automatic channelled writing) STEP 3: During the session, I€™ll share the answers that came through in my writing, add additional insights, and answer your live questions live about the information being shared How do you submit your questions? Once you register for the class, you€™ll see an option in Learn it Live that says: €œSend a message€ Click €œSend a message,€ and submit the question that€™s on your mind For more information about how my medium abilities work, feel free to visit www.marisamedium.com.
Do you have a hard time making big (or even little!) decisions in your day to day life? Do you often look back and wonder if you made the wrong decision in the past? Or what your life might be like today if only you had made a different choice? In this class, you'll learn how to speak with (and get answers from) your higher self in order to make firm decisions and stop second guessing yourself. No more wondering whether or not you made the right or wrong choice in your life... Learn the secret to living your best, most aligned, joyous life. No prior experience with spirit is necessary to learn this skill - all experience levels are welcome.
Each of the 7 chakras corresponds to our physical, emotional and spiritual state of health.When one (or several) of our chakras are blocked or out of alignment, this can lead to imbalances of energy, sometimes even manifesting as illness or pain in our bodies. During this class, you will learn: -What each of the 7 main chakras represents physically, emotionally & spiritually -How to scan your own body using a pendulum to recognize which chakras are imbalanced or blocked - How to get the chakra energy flowing smoothly again once you recognize an imbalance Whether you're new to the world of chakras or already have a pretty solid understanding of what each chakra relates to, this class is for you if you'd like to learn how you can use a pendulum to identify imbalances and blockages to improve your health and well being.