Shakti Durga is a living Guru whose teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health with the aim of creating life transformation. As a Guru, Shakti Durga is a mystical spiritual teacher who teaches liberation and enlightenment from her own direct experience.

She is a gifted and engaging teacher with a humble, authentic, candid and often hilarious style. She sparks curiosity, ignites the spirit and inspires you to believe that life transformation is not only possible, but that you have the tools to make it happen.

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Recorded: May 23, 2013 at 07:00 am EST
The attainment of real peace takes time, processes, mistakes and deep transformative learning. Here is an opportunity to turn theory into practice and become who you were really born to be. Are you up for the challenge of becoming realized as a peace ambassador? Once a week on a Thursday evening Shakti Durga will be holding an on-line gathering of those who are engaged in supporting and building Shanti Mission. The aim of these sessions is to allow people to speak about their successes and challenges, move through obstacles and get mentoring on the use of divine energy in a cohesive and integrated way, for our mutual support and benefit. The idea is that people are actually engaged in a seva role and that they "try on" the approaches to issues and challenges that are taught through this unique training opportunity. It is a practical series of classes designed to bring realization and empowerment to those who are working to make a difference. Shanti Mission is a vehicle for our spiritual development and we can utilize our roles for maximum spiritual advancement in service to humanity.
We tend to think of Enlightened teachers as having lived long ago, somewhere far away. But what about now? How would a Guru living today teach? What does it mean to be a Guru or a Disciple - and what are the benefits of entering into this kind of relationship? Come spend a session with Shakti Durga, a living master and modern-day Guru, as she leads an engaging, insightful and authentic discussion live from retreat in Varanasi, India. While Gurus are most associated with Hinduism, in truth they have existed in every religion, in every time and place on the Earth. They come in all backgrounds and flavours. Some serve humanity through quiet lives of meditation and devotion; others have vast missions involving thousands of people. Shakti Durga is a Guru, and she is a Disciple. This is an opportunity to listen and ask questions about the hallmarks of this truly sacred relationship, how it works and how one might go about finding a true Guru who can best assist them. Shakti Durga will "tune in" to the consciousness of the group present, and offer blessings to all those present. There's an old proverb that a day with a teacher is worth one thousand on your own. This is a beautiful opportunity to experience a teacher who will not only teach your mind, but uplift your heart and spirit. All welcome.